SIZE MATTERS Men with longer ring fingers are at lower risk of dying from coronavirus, research finds

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Men with longer ring fingers are found to have less severe symptoms from covid-19

MEN with longer ring fingers are at lower risk of dying from Covid-19, says new research.

Males exposed to more testosterone in the womb tend to grow longer ring fingers.

And the hormone may produce more of a compound called ACE2, which helps the body to fight the virus.

Scientists who studied 200,000 people in 41 countries found male death rates were a third higher in countries where men had shorter ring fingers.

Prof John Manning of Swansea University said this may give Australia, New Zealand, Austria and East Asian nations, where male ring fingers are longer, “a biological advantage”.

Men in England and Wales, who tend to have shorter ring fingers, make up 56 per cent of all deaths.

Prof Manning said: “The theory is that someone with high prenatal testosterone — and a long ring finger — has greater levels of ACE2.

“These concentrations are large enough to oppose the virus.

“Our findings may be men with long ring fingers will experience mild symptoms and could return to work.”

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