35 Shot over Weekend in Mayor de Blasio's New York City

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35 people shot over the weekend in mayor de blasio's nyc

Thirty-five people were shot over the weekend in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) New York City.

Fox News reports there were 28 different shootings in total, which represents a sharp increase over the five shootings reported for the same weekend in 2019.

The single fatality among the 35 victims was a one-year-old boy, shot while in a stroller Sunday night.

Breitbart News reported the one-year-old was at a barbecue near Raymond Bush Playground when shot. Three others were shot as well, and were transported to a hospital for treatment.

— Chief Jeffrey Maddrey (@NYPDCommAffairs) July 13, 2020

On July 8, 2020, Breitbart News reported shootings in de Blasio’s NYC were three times above what they were in 2019. The New York Post reported there were 74 shootings with 101 victims between June 29, 2020 and July 5, 2020, versus “26 shootings with 33 victims during that time last year.”

On July 11, 2020, Mayor de Blasio outlined his plan for fighting the surge in gun crime throughout his city. The Post reported that his plan includes “unarmed civilians” on patrol, neighborhood basketball games, and a “Youth Town Hall.”

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