Database: Coronavirus cases by nursing home

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Below is a list released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of coronavirus cases reported in nursing homes. The list covers nursing homes, rest homes, and skilled nursing facilities with at least two cases to date (staff and residents). Data for assisted living residences are not currently being provided. Data are updated as of Tuesday, April 21.

Use the table and search function below to look up a specific nursing home and see how many cases have been reported.

* Staff and residents Facility EOHHS Region Number of confirmed cases

Total Licensed Beds Note: This list includes Nursing Homes, Rest Homes, and Skilled Nursing Facilities with at least 2 reported COVID-19 cases to date (staff and residents). Assisted living residences are not currently included. The number of cases for a facility relies on the amount of testing conducted; facilities not included on this list may have COVID-19 cases that have not yet been identified. Some facilities have tested some or all residents only; some have also tested staff. A low number of cases may reflect that not all residents and staff have not been tested, not necessarily low prevalence


Source: MAVEN